Withdrawal and Return

Withdrawal and Return 程序

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Withdrawal 程序

打算从澳门博彩永利皇宫网址链接转学或退学的学生应该向辅导员和指导老师报告他/她的意图. This will protect the student’s academic record, right to re-enroll, and right to transfer to another college.

程序 for withdrawal are as follows:

1. Obtain a withdrawal form from the Office of Student Services.
2. Complete the withdrawal form.
3. Secure required signatures of instructor and academic advisor.
4. Present the finished instrument to Student Services for processing.

Student Initiated Withdrawal

在退选/加选期间:学生可以在退选/加选期间退出布雷登社区学院的澳门永利博彩网址链接, as specified by the academic calendar in the 大学目录, and not have a grade entered on his/her academic record, providing the student executes proper withdrawal procedures.

通过期中考试:学生可以在期中考试之前从澳门博彩永利皇宫网址链接的一门澳门永利博彩网址链接中退出, as specified by the academic calendar in the 大学目录, 如果学生执行了正确的退学程序,他/她的学习成绩将获得W级.

期中考试结束后:学生可以在期中考试结束后退出布雷登社区学院的澳门永利博彩网址链接, as specified by the academic calendar in the 大学目录, and receive a grade of WF providing the student executes proper withdrawal procedures. The grade of WF will be calculated as a failing grade in determining the student’s GPA.

如果学生提交书面文件,证明其在期中考试后无法继续学习该澳门永利博彩网址链接, 经导师和学生服务副主席同意,可授予W分. 情有可原的情况被定义为期中考试后,学生因无法控制的原因被迫退课的情况. Documentation from a professional person, including dates and the exact condition, 会在最后出席日期后的10个日历日内提供给学生服务办公室. In such cases a student will receive a grade of W on his/her academic record. 学业成绩不理想本身并不符合减罪情节的要求.

Administrative Removal from Class:



A student must attend 80% of the scheduled contact hours for a course to receive credit for the course. 因此, a student whose absences (combined with classes held before the student entered the class, (如有)占澳门永利博彩网址链接总课时的20%以上,且未启动退澳门永利博彩网址链接序者,将以F级除名.

Effect of Withdrawal on 金融援助:



Return of Title IV Funds

The Higher Education Amendments of 1998, 公法105-244要求,当第四章援助的接受者(新的或返回的)在付款期间完全退出学院超过60%时,大学计算第四章资金的返还政策. 机构必须计算学生获得的第四章资助金额,并将第四章基金的未获得部分退还给第四章项目。. In some calculations, the institution and student will be required to return unearned Title IV funds to the Title IV programs.

Students officially begin the withdrawal process when they notify the 招生/Records Office. Students are given an official withdrawal form to complete, sign and date. The 金融援助 Office will use the date the student signs the form as the official withdrawal date. Withdrawal dates are also determined when an instructor completes an Instructor Withdrawal Form. 如果学生没有通过通知招生和记录办公室正式开始退出程序,并且导师没有填写导师退出表格, 经济援助办公室可以使用学生通过联系学校提供的正式退出意向通知的日期.

此时此刻, 经济援助办公室必须确定学生是否在60%点之前退出的第四章资金的接受者,并执行第四章资金的返还计算. If it is determined that the student received an overpayment, 财政援助办公室必须向学生发送书面通知,告知学生所欠的金额和偿还标题四计划. This notification must be sent to the student, 不迟于财务援助办公室收到通知之日起30个日历日,学生退学. The student has a 45-day period to take positive action by contacting the 金融援助 Office. 到第46天, if the student has failed to take positive action, 学生的超额付款将提交给教育部进行收集,超额付款将立即报告给NSLDS(国家学生贷款数据系统)。. The student’s eligibility for Title IV funds ends.

在45天内采取积极行动的学生有资格通过全额偿还学校或与商务办公室签署还款协议来延长他们的第四章资格. If a student goes into repayment, they will have three months to repay the overpayment. 学生须偿还前两个月欠费总额(每次欠费)的10%,余额须于第三个月前付清. Any time the student fails to meet the terms of the repayment agreement, 学生的多付款项将提交教育部收取,并立即报告给nsds. The student’s eligibility for Title IV funds ends.

如果执行第四章资金返还计算,并且确定学生收到的第四章资金少于所赚取的金额, 该机构必须在退学后支付给未收到的学生获得的资助. In order to make a post-withdrawal disbursement for incurred educational costs, 学校必须收到学生有效的学生资助报告(SAR)或机构学生信息记录(ISIR),并附有官方的预期家庭贡献(EFC)。. To be eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement, the student must meet all Federal Guidelines outlined by the Department of Education.